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Logicom is a trusted EMS with customers putting their futures in our hands. We have not disappointed. From simple calculators to Bluetooth enabled GPS receivers, biotech equipment and computer peripherals, we have made a wide range of products. This is a testament to our abilities as R&D specialists, sourcing experts and quality and efficient manufacturers.

Particularly with OEM products, protected designs and technologies are our forte. We pride ourselves in our integrity. That is why we are a trusted partner for many global brands.

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We were founded as a calculator manufacturer and have evolved to one of the most respected calculator manufacturers in the world with renown customers in Japan, US, Europe and all over the world.

From concept to market, we provide design, rendering, mold manufacturing, software developing, sourcing, quality assurance, sample and mass production.

There is no better partner than Logicom for calculators and printing calculators.

Digital Drawing Tablets

We have helped several respected brands with tooling and manufacturing digital drawing tablets. While there are many seemingly value tablets, they are usually claiming to be more than they are, low quality and limited or copied technology. Don’t trust your brand with empty promises and copy cats.

We at Logicom are proud to be known for our integrity particularly in protecting IP and our quality. Your projects, both in design and technology, and your brand are safe with us!

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Wireless Devices

From basic RF to Bluetooth and ZIGBEE products, we have developed and manufactured a range of wireless devices. We have experience in EMI, EMC and employ radio frequency spectrum analyzers, transmitters and faraday cages to test, tune and produce quality wireless devices.

We have produced ZIGBEE reference modules for Free scale, Bluetooth GPS receivers for Microsoft , 2.4Ghz safety monitors and various wireless computer peripherals. We have been trusted with branded products time and time again due to our integrity as well as our development and manufacturing ability.

Measuring Devices

We have brought many measuring devices to market as OEM products. These technologies include ultrasound measurement and IR encoder based measurement.

We produce the encoders in-house with optics-level tooling and specialized materials to ensure accuracy and reliability. Each piece goes through stringent testing before shipment to guarantee quality to the customer.


Computer Peripherals

From USB digitizing tablets, mice, keyboards, remotes and thermal printers, we have good experience in computer peripherals. We have expertise in hardware and middle ware (firmware) that allows our customers to focus on software, application design and marketing.

We are a company that honors NDA, which is so important in being able to release a unique product to the market. In conjunction with our quality tooling, development management and cost effective mass production, Logicom is a great partner for new products.

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