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Facilities & Services

LOGICOM prides itself in its software design capabilities, which is the deciding factor for many customers.

  • Industrial Design

  • Mechanical Design

  • Software Design

  • Electronic Hardware Design

Reliability laboratory
• Standard Tests
• Electric Characteristics Tests
• Durability Tests
• Vibration/Drop Tests
• Environmental Tests

  • Utilizing 45 plastics injection molding machines with capacities ranging from 50t to 420t and including overmolding capabilities, we produce the most critical plastic components, ensuring dimensional accuracy and impeccable color and finish.

  • Every machine is equipped with robot arms for added safety, consistent efficiency and reduced defects.

  • By having in-house plastics capability, we can shorten the lead time and thus time to customer and market.

Utliizing lead-free solder in SMT, Manual and Automatic Insertion  which complies with the worlds stringent European standards.

SMT process is conducted in a clean room that ensures quality throughout the process

Utilize 12 COB machines to enable the use of less expensive bare chip. Each sample is tested after COB to ensure success before automated sealing epoxy and curing.

For those products that require through hole components with economies of scale, we design and manufacture the boards for Automated Insertion.

We have great expertise in silkscreen printing, pad printing and painting. In addition to quality process and products, we also care about our employees utilizing environmental HVAC.

We employ various lines and cells each with quality control in its process in order to the quality level is in line or surpasses customer requirements before continuing.

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