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Quality Control

• Standard Tests

   General Inspection Items:

   Overall Appearance



• Electric Characteristics Tests

   Inspection Items:

   Loaded voltage

   Frequency stability


   Dip voltage

   Power line noise

   Battery misplacement test

   Power consumption

• Durability Tests

   Life test:

   Tilt test

   Power switch durability test

   Silkscreen printing/coating durability test

   Switch durability test

   Cutter durability test

• Vibration/Drop Tests

   One side drop test

   Unpackaged vibration/drop test

   Individual package vibration/drop test

   Vibration/drop test with master carton

• Environmental Tests

   Operation test:

    0°C 3 hrs

    40°C 5%RH  3hrs

    40°C 95%RH3hrs

    0°C ~N/N~40°C 95%RH

   Distribution test:

    60°C 40%RH ~ N/N (x3)


    45°C 90%RH ~ N/N (x9)

   Reliability test:

    60°C 60%RH 500H

    45°C 95%RH 500H

    20°C 500H

   -20°C~60°C (x10)

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